A Little bit about me

"I am a sexy pair of red stiletto’s. I am a great book and a hot chocolate on a cold, highveld evening. I am the scent of a cherry blossom. I am a thunderstorm in the summer time.
I am a glass of wine at the end of a long day. I am the 'snap-crackle-pop' on your mind as you begin your working week. I am a smile when you know you have won.  I am the dawn breaking over the ocean. I am a saxophone…smooth, full, rich. I am wanderlust. I am happy like Christmas morning, as the trees start to blossom in first spring rays of sunshine in September. I am a lazy Sunday morning, I am a shocking pink mani and I am the sound of a baby giggling. I am the defender of those I love…fearless except for spiders.  I am a fur mommy. I am proudly South African.  I am a collector of people. I am a daughter, a sister and a friend.” 

"I am the flame you don't fear."

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