Tuesday, 1 November 2011


So can you believe that today is the 01 November 2011?  This year has really whizzed past.

November is not a bad month:

MOvember – that time of the year when the guys grow their moustaches in aid of cancer………..remnant of Magnum PI. 

Check out that hairy lip!!!!

I am not a moustache kinda girl they are scratchy and itchy and I always wonder what the guy is trying to hid but in light of the fact that it is for a good cause I guess I be  a Mo Sista  for MOvember.

Twlight – for all the Twiheads out there this is the month that we will get to see the first installment of Breaking Dawn.  I love a good vampire story and although I prefer my vampires to be bloodthirsty filled with lust and rage (I so don’t want them to sparkle) I am in love with Bella and Edward’s love story and therefore I am a Twihead.   

This past week saw the release of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” which is from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack.  The music video is stunning………all hazy and romantic with candlelight and then there are the scenes from the movie which raises our expectations and gives us a small taste to what’s in store on 18 November 2011 when the movie is premiered worldwide. Oh by the way I LOVE Christina’s black dress in the video……now if I was marrying a vampire (preferably Eric from True Blood) 

Hubba hubba........no sparkle here!!!!

I would wear a dress like this!!!

Downhill to summer holidays – for South Africans December is like a dead month.  Most of us take our long annual vacations and head either overseas to the cold (seriously!!!!) or down to the coast.  Cape Town turns into a tourist filled city except the tourists are all locals.  But it is the time of year when most things slow down to a mild roar, when you have an opportunity to sort out the filing (or in my case piling), clean out draws, sort through paperwork and just take it one day at a time.  This year (so far) it seems like we will not be taking on a new business but will instead be changing systems for one of our biggest business units.  There goes the summer holiday………no beach for this girl which considering the fact that I would have to wear a swimming costume and that would involve shopping for one it’s for the best!!!!

Bye bye holiday bye bye!!!

Enjoy your CHOOSE day everyone!!!

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