Friday, 4 November 2011


So I've done the Cape Town part of my recent trip but not the week I spent in Umhlanga (coastal town near Durban).  Instead of writing pages about it I thought I would rather "show" you through photos.

Ansie with our toaster....Little Atos

Main bedroom......I got to sleep in the big bed!!!

Second bedroom.....Ansie enjoyed her little nook!!!

The second bedroom is conveniently placed in the kitchen

View from our balcony

The one pool area

Ansie enjoying her cherry cigar......asthma does not allow me to indulge

PMSA's Durban office

Angelique and Lungi our Durban 

Restaurant 32 floors in the air

About 34 floors up

Was way to windy to sit in the Sky bar

Sky bar view

Angelique and Lungi

Ansie and I

This is a year end function for the Durban office

I know out of focus but I love this pic of Durban

Lungi's lamb chops

Lungi's prawn starter

My prawn starter

Ansie's calamari

Angelique had a crayfish starter

Ansie's main consisting of prawns

The twins!!!  My first venture into the crayfish world..YUMMY!!

Seashell on the seashore

Footprints in the sand!

I love watching the waves crashing on the shore

Sibaya Casino...gambled for the first time


I LOVE dolphins and cried and laughed more than the kids in the 


I don't often take good photos but.....HELLO this one is awesome!!!

Show offs!!

Aren't they awesome??

The entrance to the underwater world

Hello cutie

Check out this fellow

Me and them

Not my fav but you have to respect them

I love this yellow in this photo

I found Nemo!!!

Hey Mister....check behind you

The penguins where all dressed up for us

Eating with the sharks in the Cargo Hold


We could not eat seafood with Jaws swimming around us

When my ship comes in.....

Sunrise on the water

Makes it shimmer

At the pool

Pool area which overlooks the sea

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