Wednesday, 25 January 2012


So over the weekend I went to watch Underworld.....Awakening.  Of course this feeds my vampire addiction and throws in a couple of lycans for good measure. No Team Edward or Team Jacob here!

I really do enjoy these fantasy films (are they fantasy OR not...) as I am able retreat from the real world and live in an unreal space for a while.  No stress, no phones, no nothing......just hot buttery (what's the point to having it without butter) popcorn, coke cola and darkness.

I enjoyed the movie but then again I love Kate, I think she is awesome. And let's face it any women who can pour herself into that little leather number four movies in a row deserves respect!!!!! I was not crazy about the ending of the movie but I suspect they ended it that way to leave the door open for the next installment. The story was good and as is the tradition of Underworld action packed.

Go see the movie and let me know what you think.

I love a women who can kick some serious butt...........
And look gorgeous while doing it!!!!!!

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