Friday, 13 January 2012


I LOVE to cook but don’t often have time for it with the hours I work.  While I was on leave I decided to take on some of the cooking duties in our household and really rediscovered my love for cooking.

I enjoy paging through recipe books and also reading blogs with recipes.

Yesterday I came across a picture on pintrest which looked interesting and traced it here....  The recipe is pretty simple and it is in a word DELICIOUS!!!

Here are some photos of my attempt:

The ingredients 

I only cut the breast in half and not into thirds...

Adding the spice....I used peri peri instead of chilli and it was great
My assistant....sleeping on the job!!!

I coated my oven dish with about 3 tablespoons
of cooking olive oil

Rolling in the sugar...suga!!!
Sugar coated and ready for the oven

Boiling the corn on the cob....I LOVE it with butter!!!
Just out the oven and it looks gooooooood!!
The sauce is sweet with a bit of tang so be sure to dribble
some over your plated chicken
The end result.  I am not sure why this chicken made me think of a "rustic", "peasant"  meal but it did so I made the
corn on the cob, garlic mushrooms and a "rough" pasta salad with it and it was YUMM-O!!!!!

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