Thursday, 22 March 2012


After the last two "heavy" CHOOSEday posts I thought I would change things up a little and share with you what I CHOOSE to be grateful for today.......

I am grateful....that I still have both my parents and for the wonderful example they set for both my
brother and  I.  I love them beyond belief....
I am grateful for my photophobic brother.......we don't always get along and seldom agree on anything but as
different as we are we are brother and sister!!!
I am grateful for my Fur-Baby Jessie........she is just such a character

I am grateful for my fur-baby Charis.....she is such a cuddle bunny and makes me laugh
with all her antics!!!
I am grateful for sister friends......I have known and loved these ladies for 24 years!!
They make me a better person!!!
I am grateful for friendships.....each one unique and each one adds something different to my life.  How blessed am I!!!
I am grateful that I am able to celebrate special moments with those I love....
I am grateful for the work I do with ABBA House.....there is nothing better than being able to give back!!!
I am grateful for the company I work is an awesome place to work and allows me to grow and develop in ways
I never thought possible.
I am grateful for my colleagues who  make each day fun and challenging!!! (These are only some of them)
I am grateful for friends who share their babies with me.....I always have to give them back though!!!!
I am grateful that I am able to travel and have the most amazing and memorable getting acquainted with this baby turtle in Zanzibar
I am grateful for bucket list I am drinking and Irish coffee in Ireland!!!!
I am grateful for my local supermarket who imports Dr Pepper.......I end up paying $2.50 for\
a can which is very expensive here but it is so worth a Friday night treat!!!!!

So what do you CHOOSE to be grateful for????

Tomorrow is Human Rights day in South Africa and a public holiday so I will see you all for Thoughtful Thursday!!!

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