Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!

Here are some moments from mine.......

When I walked into my office on Friday morning I sat down and wrote a "to do" list then I made a promise to myself
that I would not leave the office until I had ticked off every item....it took 16 hours but I got every item ticked off.
Of course the last item was to write a "to do" list for Monday which turns out was even loooooooonger...

On Saturday I had to have my belly ring removed.....it seems that when I had it put in 12 years ago it was placed to
deeply and over the years it had formed a cyst. The other day when bathing Charis she stepped on my tummy and more specifically my belly ring and it hurt.  The master piercer says I am lucky that it has not caused problems sooner!

I did some major retail therapy!!! Finding clothes that fit and are beautiful is a struggle but I did alright!!!

The mani and pedi were completely unplanned!!

On Saturday evening it was time for some classics.....with popcorn!!!
Sunday was such a blessed day.  Because my mom is going to be  in Port Elizabeth with her
sisters on my birthday and my dad may possible be in Cape Town for work we decided to have
a family lunch out on Sunday.  Here my  mom is eating (she won't be happy that I'm posting this
photo) chicken livers.....check out the cute little three legged pot!!

My daddy was having a really good day health wise which is why we got to eat out!
Normally it is just easier for him if we do take out!!! Love you daddy!
My main course....lovely rump steak with portabello mushrooms in wine and garlic sauce with mozzarella cheese YUMMY!!!
My brother has ALWAYS ordered a milkshake when he eats red meat....funny guy!!  This was a
chocolate peppermint crisp milkshake
Tucking into some ribs!!!
Peppermint crisp tart with ice cream - dad actually had dessert!!!
Turkish Delight Pedro!!! It matched my nails.....

On Sunday afternoon I snuggled with my puppy dog on the bed and had a wonderful nap!!

When I work up it was raining....the perfect end to a perfect and blessed day.
I am a very lucky girl!!!

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Marshall said...

Happy birthday!!!!!! I know im late ... But i hope and pray for you that it is the most joyous and blessed year for you yet!!!!