Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I know I know its not Monday but it sure feels like one after the loooooooooooooooong weekend!!

I hope and pray you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend.

Here is a glimpse at mine.....

On Good Friday my mom celebrated her birthday so after opening presents I made us YUMMY nutella crumpets with
crispy bacon, fresh fruit and maple syrup!!

I did a very plain table which was a cross between Easter and birthday... I did add underplates which I did not
seem to take a photo of 

I LOVED my bunny ears!!!

Playing with apature...apa what?????

I am in love with my new measure set...I love the bright colours!!!

Check me taking photos and adding sugar at the same time...

Sifting the dry ingredients 

The table starts filling up......

Happy birthday mom


On Saturday we were all dressed up for our outing so we took some photos...mine for Emily's challenge

My beautiful mom....who has lost just under 40kg (88 pounds) in 16 months

My brother hates having his picture taken but he could not refuse my mom when she begged asked him so nicely

She actually not only likes him but loves him....go figure!!!

I have seen Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and on the West End and let me tell you our local production
was of a equal if not better standard 

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There was something so moving so touching in the way Johnathan Roxmouth who plays Phantom used his hands
It was almost intoxicating.....sitting right in front I must admit to being enthralled!!!
The cast!!!

Johnathan getting ready for the performance.  Can I just say that I have never routed for Phantom, I have always wanted Christine and Raoul to be together but Johnathan's interpretation of  Phantom had me switching sides

"Phantom" and "Raoul"......I think I may be a little obsessed with Phantom!!!

The Phantom photos are from Johnathan's Facebook page!!!

On Sunday after church I had to come into the office to catch up on some reports so I missed the family Easter lunch but I got leftovers which were very yummy!!!

On Monday I had brunch with friends, took some more pics for the challenge
had lunch and some girl time with my friend Lydia and then saw a movie!!

Charis is getting so big and we were having a good old chat!!!


Katie Cook said...

your bunny ears are the cutest:) and phantom...LOVE IT! so great:) hope you had a wonderful easter!!

The Millers said...

Looks Like you had a very lovely long weekend! I'm very impressed with those cute bunny ears. I'll have to remember them for next Easter. Thanks for sharing! Xo