Monday, 14 May 2012


Hi all,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend especially all the mommies and mommies to be.  Here is a look at my weekend.......

On Friday night a friend and I went to watch Young Adult starring the SOUTH AFRICAN
born Charlize Theron.  Normally movies are my happy place but this movie although enjoyable
is depressing.  It does not leave you with that "feel good" feeling.  Charlize plays her
character brilliantly.  She does not have special make up or anythin!  She looks like herself
but in all honesty to me this character was more depraved than the one she played in
Monster. You don't it know whether to laugh or cry at the antics of  this character.
If you want a fun evening out this not the movie to see....but I do think it is a brilliant movie!!!

On Saturday my friend Tuschka celebrated her birthday and freedom........this was her birthday cake
This friend prayed for a scripture and this is the one she received for Tuschka
Some of the YUMMY "sweet" eats
The savory plate......It was really good!!!

Choosing what to eat????

Red velvet cupcakes (with the hearts) and carrot cake cupcakes....Red velvet is my fav!!!

The table straining under all the food.... plate of  food!!!

The birthday girl and I.....

Cutting the cake!!

The lunch/tea party ran into cocktail hour so our hostess made "melktertjies" for the non South Africans....
the direct translation is a milk tart.  A melktert  is a much loved traditional South African it, make it
and your friends will love you for it!!!!
During the course of Saturday evening my tummy "bug" returned and resulted in me being pretty much out of action
on Sunday......this did however make this girl happy because she got to spend all day lounging in bed with me!!

My beautiful mommy had to work full day on Sunday, which with my being ill was not altogether a bad thing.
We did however spoil her and when she got home my brother had cooked a divine lamb shank meal.  Unfortunately, I
could not eat much!!! 

My mommy and I....I love you moeksie.

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