Wednesday, 27 June 2012


As I shared on Monday, we celebrated a belated Father's day with my dad.

I know it sounds a little morbid but, with daddy being so sick I am turning every and any opportunity into a photo op. I am afraid I am going to miss a special moment or if I am honest (and if I can't be honest here.....where??) I am petrified that I will forget the special times and that I wont capture the last of the moments we have together as a family.  It may a little melodramatic (you didn't know I was a drama queen....SERIOUSLY) but I just feel like dad's health is fading fast and I don't know when it will really be our last family gathering...

Anyway, here are some photos from Sunday's lunch.........

Daddy and Mommy....where it all began over 40 years ago!!

Ipad engrossed.....

Dad and Donovan......Donovan hates photos so this is like the best smile he gives!!!
My brother and the parental unit

Donovan and our mom

Moeksie and I

My darra and I

Da  - it sucks that I did not inherit those icy blue eyes!!!!

I poked him in the ribs to get a better smile!!! to hate each other!!!!


When we were kids we were not allowed dessert because we wasted it...instead we were allowed a milkshake.....
We still do the milkshake thing on occasion.....mainly when our eyes were bigger than our tummy's!!!

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