Tuesday, 31 July 2012


This is a double wammy post as I did not get the opportunity to write a post yesterday.

I took leave on Friday and yesterday....long weekend to well....in all honesty rest.  However, that so did not happen,

Dad has been slowly deteriorating through the whole of last week and on Thursday evening we had a really bad night.  On Friday, I took him off to have blood work done and then when we got home we called the doctor and it turns out that the pharmacy had made a mess of dad's meds and he had not been given the most important item on the script....his diuretic!!!  The doctor freaked out as did I because that means that the fluid had been building up for a week!!  I ended up running around trying to get hold of the new pills but unfortunately there was a problem with our medical aid.

Dad lying in the sun with Charis.....I will post more photos of this spontaneous photo shoot tomorrow!!!

After a long night on Friday partly due to dad and partly because I stayed up to watch the Olympic opening ceremony.  Some of it was great (007 and Mr Bean) and some of it was a bit HUH????  I must say when the countries were coming in I had a lesson in Geography because there were seriously countries I did not know existed!! I felt a little stupid but seriously Where is Saint Kitts and Neves????  I did not expect to be emotional but when I saw the SA team I got a big old lump in my throat and when Oscar Pistorius (our own blade runner) walked with that huge smile on his face...well I have to admit I shed a tear.

Right behind you Oscar!!!
Dad was exhausted on Saturday morning.  So he elected to stay at home and nap while mom, my brother and I headed off in search of his meds.  We took some time out though to have breakfast together which was really special since the three of us seldom get to just visit with each other....

Talk about a heart attack on a plate....but it was YUMMY!!!

Cool dudes!!!
We finally got dads meds sorted out and he started taking them on Saturday evening.  Of course there was other great excitement on Saturday evening and that was when Cameron van den Burgh took gold for South Africa.  Cameron is one of my favorite swimmers and his manager happens to be one of my local celeb crush Ryk Neethling an Olympic gold medalist himself.  

I have never been prouder......I tweeted: "@Cameronvdburgh stands on the podium and a grateful and proud nation rises to its feet and applauds our Olympic Gold Medalist".  

Tonight we support Chad Le Clos who is competing against one of his hero's Michael Phelps. Chad is 20 years old and swimming in his first Olympics and tonight the nation will get behind him and cheer him on!!

Cameron taking gold!!

On Sunday I was working on some photos for a post of two I am planning and Jessie was very curios to see what is
going on!!!

Charis nearly knocked the mug out of my hand because she was convinced
there was coffee in it and she is a coffeeholic!!!

Jessie on making moves to catch a nap in Charis bed

Yesterday while my dad was napping I spent some time in the sunshine with
the dogs.....You can see we are a summer rainfall area as there is very little green
grass BUT there were buds on the trees....YIPEEEEEEE

I do have some photos of Jessie but the puppy keeps on looking away from the camera.  

So onto CHOOSEday...I don't have much because in all honesty with my dad being so sick I am a little overwhelmed but I read this little piece this morning and it is kinda perfect for today " Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect.  It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections."  

Today I CHOOSE to look beyond all the imperfections in my life and I CHOOSE to see only the blessing!!!

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