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Since I can remember Tuesday nights have been pasta nights. Initially it started because Tuesdays were cell group bible study nights and pasta was a quick and easy meal to prepare. Later when my dad took over the majority of the cooking Tuesdays became spaghetti and bolognaise nights.  

Dad spent a lot of time chopping up fresh herbs and the rest of the fresh ingredients. He is of the belief that making the sauce from scratch is what gives it that special-ness! And I would sit at the kitchen table chatting to him while he cooked. It is one of my favourite memories.  As dad’s health has declined my brother and I have taken over more and more of the cooking duties and we are now at a point where between us we do all the cooking.

Neither one of us have however dared to touch the sacred spaghetti and bolognaise!!!  Well, that was until about three weeks ago.  I decided that it was time to reinstate this former favourite to its rightful place. With fear and a hint of trepidation I went to Woolworths and purchased the ingredients. I came home and started preparing dinner but I told no one what was on the menu. I banned everyone from the kitchen and made a big show about it all being a big surprise.  And surprised they were when I dished up a plate of spaghetti and bolognaise….in fact I am pretty sure there was a gasp or two!!

My family loved it!!!!

My dad in particular was crazy about my original spaghetti and bolognaise, he thought I was the bees knees and just wanted to know what recipe I used for the bolognaise sauce. He badgered and begged and pleaded with me to tell him what ingredients I had used for the delicious sauce. I told him (and the rest of the family) that the sauce was going to be the start of a new family tradition…..the ingredients of the sauce would be my secret.

Now since none of my family (to the best of my knowledge) read this blog I am going to share my secret with you….

To start off you will need:
  • Spaghetti (I use about ¾ of the packet but it really depends on the amount of people you are wanting to feed)
  • Mince ( I use about 800g for 4 of us but we like it meaty)
  • Mushrooms ( I use a whole punnet)
  • Salt (To taste)
  • Pepper (To taste)
  • Garlic (To taste)
First you brown your mushrooms. I used a little bit of butter  (you can substitute with olive oil) to give them a little more flavour and seasoned with garlic.

Next it is time to brown your mince.  I use the same pan as I used for the mushrooms as there is a lot of flavour captured in the remaining butter sauce.  I season with some salt and pepper and just a hint of garlic.
As the mince starts to brown I then put my spaghetti on.  I use some olive oil in the pot so that the pasta does not stick together.

As the pasta is finished cooking (normally about 10 – 15) minutes it is time to make the sauce:

Did you see what my secret sauce recipe is…….
Woolworths Meat Bolognaise Sauce……shooooo it  is a secret!!

So there you have it folks, I am a CHEAT!!  I do not make my own bolognaise sauce but instead buy already made and hide the jars in the trash before anyone can catch me out!!!

Last night my dad was not wanting to eat which is a problem with his current health situation but because of all the meds he is on his tummy is in a constant state of discomfort.  I ran through the usual suspects of toast with an egg, plain chicken breast with some green veg, mac and cheese and so on and so on.  Dad just shook his head at each suggested and just as I was about to declare that supper would constitute of a meal replacement shake for him, he asked if I would make ……..wait for it……. spaghetti and bolognaise!!!!

I went into a total state of panic because I knew that there was no sauce in the house (obviously can’t keep a stash because it would be found and I would be found OUT).  I could not refuse cause I need dad to eat so I told everyone there is no pasta and raced out before anyone could prove me wrong. I had to go to 6 different Woolies to find one a) open and b) who had stock of the sauce! I rushed back home and told everyone that I would handle dinner on my own (because I have toooooooooo) and threw it all together.

Between hiding the jars and keeping my secret safe I forgot to take a photo of the final plated product....
This photo comes pretty close to what it looks like!!!!

Dad ate a good portion and declared it the BEST spaghetti and bolognaise in the world…….I know I should have said something but gosh darn it is so hard to own up now…now that everyone thinks I am this amazing Masterchef!!

So currently my secret is still safe but I know my “Queen” of the bolognaise sauce days are very much numbered!!!

If you have a recipe for a good sauce please please please share it with me!!

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