Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and for all my American friends happy labour day and enjoy the extra day off!

Here is a glimpse of what I got up to:

Firstly, this was the first weekend where I had some real downtime since dad first got sick in July. He had a really good week last week going to work for a couple of hours a day, eating well and his breathing and glucose levels were pretty stable the whole week.  I think we may have turned a corner and I am very grateful for all the love, support and especially the prayers.

Spring at/on my finger tips.  On Friday afternoon I took my afternoon off and went for
a wonderful mani and pedi

Saturday was officially the first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere...goodbye winter!!

First I had my hair done which I am not happy with. Then after walking around and sorting out a couple
of things in the mall I treated  myself to lunch.....guess who did not start a diet on spring day!!

On Saturday evening I made these yummy yums for our picnic on Sunday.  Some are
double dipped and I am sure they could be classified as sinful!!

On Sunday it was decided that fun was the order of the day.  Now I am not fond of zoo's.  I guess being from Africa where I can and do go on safari and see our wildlife in their natural habitat, zoo's seem unnatural and to a degree cruel to me but the kids love it and it is fun to walk around.......so off we went on Sunday to the Pretoria Zoo. I would apologise for all the photos but well this is only a small portion of the 332 I took so I reckon you guys are getting off lightly!!

My Gidi at the Zoo

We have a big issue with rino poaching 

Gidion and his friend Caleb

He would not wear his hat so he had to keep his hoodie on...

Please can we get a move on now!!!

Brother and sister with green teeth from the candy floss/cotton candy!!!

Sweet...they are kissing!!

Pretty in pink for spring!


Trying to convince brother to pose for a pic

I have a thing for elephants so here is the first of many photos....

I actually went up in the cable cars..

Gidi steering and mom pushing and ouma (granny) walking

Rika, Caleb and Simone

Big conversations

He just wanted to get to the monkeys

Mr Fox

The hyaenas came out to play  

Sunscreen time

Cool dude!!!

At first I though that this king vulture was a statue but no.....

Check out that wing span...

My turn to push!!


Picnic time...

Add caption

Cuddles with mom!!

Full tummies equal big smiles!!

I love this photo...."King of the world'!!

Rhino...he made me so sad because he seemed so lonely except the truth is that is he is probably more
safe in the zoo than out in the wild.

We did lots and lots and lots of walking

In the cable car

Hippos from above

He also made me sad....

The Apies (monkey) River where we had our picnic

Told you I loved them.......
The new hair....the colour is great but the cut is terrible!!!

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