Monday, 15 October 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Here is a glimpse at mine...

Friday was Bandana day so all of our employees were given bandana's to celebrate.

Our Leadership team (management team) had been attending a motivational/change management session Thursday and Friday so on Friday afternoon our CEO opened his stunning home to us for a wonderful get together. The rain may have made things a little miserable to begin with but as soon as it stopped the smiles came out and we had an awesome time...

The cocktails

Snacks ....

The backyard....both structures are the garden not beautiful...

The front yard

One of my favorite people...Zukie

Even in the rain a south African will braai

Our CEO and his doggies

I took a lot of  photos of the garden

More so than of the people...

One of our Executives toasting

Cutting up the leg of was very very yummy

Some of my awesome colleagues 

Dishing up

Sanet, Salwyn and Yolanda.  Sanet as the Execo's PA made all the arrangements and did an amazing job

On Saturday bright and early I went of to the hairdressers.  On 01 September I was on the receiving end of the worst haircut and colour known to man.  I had to wait for it to grow out a little before getting it someone else.  My hairdresser of 15 years had relocated to Cape Town and as a result I had tried someone new EPIC FAIL!! My ex hairdresser then referred me to someone else who thankfully could sort out the mess.

Fixing the colour

Excuse the lack of make up but this is the end result
I went to see Taken 2 and it was really good...a little predictable but still good.  Liam may however, be getting a little on in the tooth for all the running around!!

On Sunday after church my brother took photos of me with my "new" hair...these are just a few...

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