Monday, 29 October 2012


This weekend did not really go according to plan.  The weather was not great and my mood chimed in.  It was just one of those weekends where I felt overwhelmed by everything so ended up doing very little and then felt bad about it which made me feel worse and so on and so on.  You ever have “moments” like that?

Anyway it wasn't all doom and gloom.

Here is a glimpse of what I got up to…

On Friday we spent a lot of time putting our gift boxes together for the Santa Shoebox Project….more about that tomorrow and Wednesday.

I had my monthly pamper session…..meaning I had a mani and pedi. 

I think my sweet friend realised I was in need of a little more so I ended up having a wonderful relaxing hour and half facial.  It was so divine and I am pretty sure I fell asleep once or twice.

So obviously not me since I look all kinds of yuck during a facial...

On Saturday I was on “dad” duty so I got caught up on some reading and TV.  When my brother got back I went to the movies.  The selection this year has not been great in terms of movies but there are a few coming up which look good. I ended up watching Hope Springs.

Meryl Streep plays Kay opposite Tommy Lee Jone’s Arnold. They play an aging couple who have just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. Kay has had enough of her sexless/conversation-less marriage and “forces” Arnold to visit a renowned couple’s therapist in Main for a week long session.  The Relationship therapist is played by Steve Carell who barely cracks a smile through the entire movie. Kay and Arnold still love each other but somewhere over the three decades of marriage they have lost their passion for one another. It is quite something watching them overcome years of sexual repression and there is one scene where Kay buys a book called “Sex tips for straight women from a gay man”…her face as she looks from the book to the banana’s is hilarious.  

Arnold an accountant acts like an insufferable tightwad about spending on any little thing, he really is very bad about spending money, while prim and proper Kay struggles with going down on him during a movie—on doctor’s orders, of course which was another funny scene.

The movie had touching moments, like when Arnold realises that he is in actual real danger of losing Kay and when Kay realises in a very vulnerable moment that Arnold is not attracted to her anymore. It is I think a very real portrayal of a lot of couples these days especially of that generation. I mean Kay has never even had a sexual fantasy that has not included Arnold and by that I mean only Arnold and things that they have already done together. It was sad and touching and in typical Hollywood style it had a happy ending which is why movies are my happy place.

On Sunday the weather was really confusing….one moment hot and the next threatening to rain so instead of taking my camera out to take some photos I ended up staying home with dad and just chilling.

My handsome bought him a new suit for his birthday back in May
but he lost so much weight that he was unable to wear it.  He has thankfully
started to gain some of the weight back and he could wear his suit on
Sunday to church for the first time
Charis was happy to have me to herself most of the day so we crawled up under the duvet and she snored while I read.

What did you get up to?

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