Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Day fourteen: I am thankful for music.  

I love music and if my brother is to be believed I am a bit of a music slut as I will listen to just about anything.  I can go from listening to Josh Groban to Linkin Park, from Brandon Flowers to Tree 63, from Garth Brooks to Nina Simone to Birdy to Fun to Guns and Roses to Pink to REM to Michael Bolton to Faith Hill to Whitney to Meatloaf to Led Zeplin to B52's to Live to U2 to Westlife to Enrique to Adam Lambert.  I have learnt to appreciate opera although I handle it only in small doses.  Same with rap.  The only music I don't have much appreciation for is death metal...I mean really!!!

There is little more I enjoy than coming home at night pouring a glass of wine and starting my evening by dancing out the stress of the day to Prime Circle or The Parlatones and then settling in for the evening with some Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald.....There is always music playing wherever I soothes the heart and restores the soul.

If there is one band that I have loved for as long as I can remember it has to be Bon Jovi.  I would say that their music holds the single most childhood/teenage memories for me.  I still have some mixed tapes  CD's with just about all their hits on them.

On Monday last week Big Concerts announced that Bon Jovi would be coming to South Africa in May 2013 as part of their Because we can tour. 

I just about pee'ed my pants.  I so badly wanted tickets but as I have said all my friends are in committed relationships making going out ummmmm challenging.  Now at this point let me just say that I could not find anyone to go with me to Adam Lambert (I will live the concert through all the tweets on Friday night), I could not afford Linkin Park tickets for this past Saturday night and regret not making a plan and missed out on Red Hot Chillipeppers waiting for friends to decide if they wanted to go. 

There was no way I was missing Bon Jovi.  So my poor brother was badgered asked to go with me.  On Wednesday I got to work early and went online to the ticket sales.  I was at 06:00 525 in the queue.  Tickets opened at 09:00 so I kept my place in line online (ha ha) and carried on working.  At 09:00 the sales opened and they started taking ticket requests as per the sequence.  I was 19th in the queue when we had a power surge and my pc bomed out.  After swearing loudly and with gusto I got back onto the site and found myself 17246 in the queue.  With only 35% of the tickets on sale and being desperate for golden circle I resorted to the only hope I MOMMY!!!

I am not ashamed to say that I begged, cried and pleaded with her to go to the ticket office and get in line for me (I had a meeting so I could not go myself) and get two tickets.  My mommy is the best cause she did it.  She got me two tickets to the golden circle for May 11th 2013!!! 

I LOVE MUSIC....and my mom.  Thank you mommy!!!

Yip they are a little bit older but man they still have it!!!

I would not mind an up close and personal

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