Monday, 5 November 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend.  We were really blessed with the weather this weekend and after much deliberation I through my "to do" list out of the window and spent some time out in the sunshine.

On Friday I received an email which ended with this: "Mentally, cutting people form your life does not meant you hate them, it simply means you love and respect yourself.".  I read the same words on Twitter on Saturday morning so with this in mind I grabbed my Ipad, a blanket and headed outside.

I spent a good five hours cleaning up my Facebook accounts, then moved onto Twitter and the blog roll.  What I discovered was that I had accepted friend requests not always being sure who the person was.....I had liked pages on FB because they were running a competition or were mentioned by friends.  I did not really keep track of it all and as a result had like 700 pages "liked".  Going though them all was painful and deciding who to cut was not fun but necessary.

When I first joined Twitter I kinda went nuts and followed all kinds of celebs and popular personalities which means that I was following like a gazillion people.  I went onto each one's profile and if there was not a tweet which appealed to me in the first five listed I deleted the person.  Plus some celebs just Tweet about "dumb" stuff. I have bravely "unfollwed" about a hundred people and am amazed at how positive my twitter feed now is.

It was pretty much the same with my blog roll and I am happy to say that the ones I kept are really blogs I read on a daily basis.

On Saturday evening Lydia and I met up for dinner and a movie...she is the best date EVER!!! We had so much fun and it was fantastic seeing her after her New York adventure.  

The movie was an Afrikaans work which was wonderfully done.  I have added a clip but it is obviously in Afrikaans so I apolgise to my non Afrikaans speaking readers.....consider it a learning curve and there are subtitles. The movie was called Wolwedans in die Skemer which means Wolf dance at dusk.  It was a bit of a horror which was interesting and I did not know who the killer was until almost the end when I got suspicious of one of the characters. It was pretty intense and I must say I enjoyed it very much.

Then we went for yummy dinner at a restaurant called O'Galito.  It has a Portuguese flavor and the seafood is always to die for...


Welcome back my sweet friend...

Yipeee cocktails

Having an...orgasm......that's the cocktails name...I promise!!!

Avo ritz with caviar daaaaaaaahling..

Steak with calamari tubes
We stayed out nice and late but being a good girl I was up early on Sunday for church. While I was in the shower this happened...

Madam Charis took over my least she brought me a rose.  The only problem is
where she got the rose from as we only have white ones in our garden and that
is most definitely pink...
It turned into a really nice hot spring day so the fur babies and I took a blanket and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine under a cool tree.  They played up a storm and I read.  It was perfect!!

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