Monday, 12 November 2012


The weekend kinda whizzed by and I did not get to do half the things I was going to do.

But what I ended up spending just about the whole weekend on was reorganising my cupboards.  I am a pack rat…

I really have the inability to throw things away but most especially clothes and more specifically clothes with sentimental value.  So as a result my cupboards are packed to the hilt.  Also in the early days of my wanderlust I bought a t-shirt in every town in every country I visited and the collection is extreme but ummmmm I seldom wear them.

My cupboard space is tiny it really was meant for a child and not a grownup which means that I end up hanging clothes all over the house and it drives my mom in sane. So in an effort to keep the peace I bought some of these awesome space saving bags…..

You first pack the bag, then seal it, then you use your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of the bag,
then you store it

The jumbo bag

The jumbo pile of jersey's and winter tops
Packed into the bag

Sealed and ready to be vacuumed

Sucking the air out

More air is out

All the air is out of the bag and now we seal it...ok mom did the sucking and sealing

Takes up about a quarter of the space the clothes did 

Day twelve:  I am thankful for memories because they last long after the party has ended, the t-shirt has faded and the souvenirs have broken. In some ways my clothing cupboard is a trip down memory are some of my favorites.

There was a very elegant and stylish lady at church when I was studying and I
longed to be as elegant and striking as she was.  She donated this top to a yard sale
to raise funds for our bible school.  I bought it but have never worn it...never did
fit...but I live in hope

I MADE this dress for a banquet dinner graduation in 1993...I MADE it people

The dress I wore to my 21st party

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