Wednesday, 26 June 2013


So I have never been to a baby shower for a guy before but we have a sweet guy in our team who is about to become a dad for the first time and we wanted to do something nice for him.

I was stuck on what kind of gift to get a guy.  I mean he is not going to “oooooooh” and “aaaaaawwwww” over baby clothes.  So I turned to my trusted friend Pintrest and found this picture...

It sparked an idea… South Africa in Afrikaans we talk about a “poof doek” when referring to a stinky, dirty diaper. So this was my Pappa (Daddy’s) emergency “poof doek” kit!!!

The contents was...

1 x Pair of rubber gloves if you have need of this emergency kit you need the gloves!!

1 x Goggles safety in an emergency is very important!!

1 x washing line peg just trust me and put it on your nose!!

1 x Tongs this is to help you remove the “poof doek” from baby  without having to touch it.  You can also use the tongs to place the “poof doek” in the disposable nappy bags!!

1 x box of disposable nappy bags - You want to make sure that you close the bag tightly so that no “fumes” can escape.  You also want to ensure that you place the bag in a secure area so that no one tries to open the bag!!

1 x Wipe it all purpose antibacterial wipes you are going to want to wipe down all “poof doek” touched surfaces.

1 x baby skincare wipes to remove any lingering bits and out for those carrots!!

1 x Dettol wipes once you have cleaned and changed baby, wiped down all the surfaces and disposed of the “poof doek” you can wash the rubber gloves, then wipe your hands with the wipes.

2 x Dettol hand sanitizer – This is especially handy if your “poof doek” emergency has taken place where there is no easy access to water or where you would have to leave baby  unattended to wash your hands.  Use LIBERALLY!!

1 x Elizabeth Anne’s baby wash and shampoo if you have had to deal with an emergency “poof doek” them Baby is going to require a me “it” gets in everywhere and spreadsbadly so a hair wash may also be required!!

1 x Facecloth to assist with the bath and hair wash!!

1 x Elizabeth Anne’s baby powder to ensure that Baby smells all lekker again after the “poof doek”!!

1 x Bennettes baby Bum creme to ensure that Baby  does not get a rash!!

1 x Air Scents air enhancer this should be sprayed a lot during a “poof doek” emergency!!  Please note the bear and picture on the tin...especially for babies ne!!

If all else failsphone your mom to come help!!!

Some photos from the actual "Beer and Diaper party"

Lots of bright colours

We folded paper napkins and filled them with nuts and candy

Disgusting....Beer and a chocolate 

Beer and cider disguised under the cute Tatty Bear label

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