Friday, 28 June 2013


I am trying to get through my trip to Egypt because I am dying to share all the photos and awesome experiences with you.  So expect several posts over the next couple of weeks.

Have a blessed weekend and...welcome to Edfu!! 

It was laundry day in Edfu and as the horse drawn carriage took us through the streets you could see all kinds of washing being hung out to dry. We made our way through the narrow streets and there rising above us was the temple of Horus. It’s one of the most intact temples in Egypt. 

The intact walls and stories have given archaeologists very valuable info about temple rituals and the importance of the priests. There are two sets of Horus falcons which guard the entrances. You can see the shrines and wells. What is sad is that early "Christians" made the temple their home and the smoke from their fires have left some of the walls and roof black. They also took chisels and hammers to the walls erasing the faces of the gods because their children started to believe the stories in the walls and not what they were being taught.

The history on Edfu: it’s about 65 miles north of Aswan and is a very friendly town.  The touts can be a little overwhelming here but if you keep your eyes down and walk with purpose they quickly leave you alone….Edfu is also known for its sugar production and its pottery.  But obviously the main attraction is the temple. It is considered to be one of the best preserved temples in all of Egypt and it is the second largest too. Thanks to the reliefs on the outer areas of the temple there is a lot of information on its construction. On one of the walls there is a recipe for lotion…as in hand or body lotion which is still used today.

I loved walking around this beautiful temple, the cool air moving over my skin almost made it seem alive and once again there was a vibe….an energy that was so moving. It’s incredible and beautiful. And as we made our way back through the streets and an all-girls school had just been let out and it was interesting to see the girls laughing and buying soft drinks and ice cream.

 Girls just being girls.

Hand lotion anyone...

There is a major story behind this piece involving the French and a clock!!

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