Friday, 21 June 2013


In Stillbaai there is this sweet little store called Matchbox.  It has been around for years and has a coffee shop and bar.

There is something for everyone in this little interesting shop from Stillbaai branded caps and shoes to an assortment of little nik naks.  They also having a clothing section and a food section.

The little coffee shop was one of my dad’s favorite places to have breakfast.  He was especially fond of sitting at a table looking out over the garden and pond where the ducks swam and the chickens played.

On our way out of Stillbaai we stopped and had breakfast (which was so yummy I forgot to take photos of it) at this sweet little place and to give the food time to settle before tackling the drive to Mosselbay we walked around the shop delighting ourselves in all the interesting little things…

This one is taken from Google started raining so outside pics were not an option

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Susannah said...

What an adorable shop! Looks like such a special place to visit. :-)