Monday, 8 July 2013


Welcome to Delfino’s Restaurant.  Let me be honest and say that like many nations South Africans like to eat, drink and be merry.  It does not matter if it is for breakfast, lunch, supper or anything in between.  There is nothing quite like spending time around a good meal with loved ones.
I had taken a walk down to “The Point” in Mossel Bay on a chilly rainy winter’s day and found this little gem.  It was so warm and toasty inside and let me tell you the coffee was divine.  So when the opportunity presented itself to go for breakfast the next morning with my dad’s only cousin on his paternal side and her husband I was all keen to suggest Delfino’s.  As luck would have it I did not need to because we drove straight there.
It was much warmer day and the view of the ocean was just breath taking.  After a bit of a catch up it was down to business and by business I mean it was time to check out the menu.
It is probably a good time to state that I am someone who enjoys a good breakfast. Just about anything goes but I do love the artery clogging fulfilment of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toast and a healthy helping of fries. Delfino’s breakfasts offered a variety of options from the calorie infused to the healthy cereals and yogurt alternatives.

I chose a cholesterol loaded plate of yumminess and a breath taking view. 

PS:  the breakfast was so good I forgot to take photos of it!!!

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