Wednesday, 28 August 2013


From my earliest childhood memories I remember mom telling me to wash my face every morning and every evening.  As I got older mom started teaching me about different and effective ways to care for my skin.

When I was about 11 mom started to sell a product by the name of Avory Shlain - its similar to Avon in many ways but it was the only product of its kind in South Africa back in those days.  Mom started me on their "teen" range of products which consisted of a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. 

There have been nights when I have crawled home after a wonderful evening out desperate for sleep, have flopped onto my bed and as my eyes start to close I can hear my mom saying "Lili have you washed your face". I can say in all honesty, that I have NEVER EVER gone to bed with make up on!!!

Over the years my skin has changed and I have used a variety of products. I should probably state at this point that even though I have a combination skin I don't have a particularly difficult skin.  Sure I get spots and once a month I have an unsightly break out thanks to the red snapper but I have never had to endure the rigors of dealing with acne or overly sensitive skin. 

I am not sure if this is because I started a healthy skin regime from a young age or if it is just because I have always believed in using a good product on my skin.

For the past 10 years I have been a big fan of Elizabeth Arden's skincare range.

I know a lot of people consider it an "old fashioned" product and not has hip as say Mac or Smashbox but I really like it.  There is nothing more beautiful than a well cared for beautiful skin. And I believe that that is what keeps Elizabeth Arden in business...

For the past five years I have used the Intervene range which I loved.  I used the day lotion in summer and switched to a rich cream in winter.  At night I would use the normal night cream but in winter I would add either the 8 hour serum or some of the ampules. It worked really well for me.  When I traveled my skin would be fine and if I was on an Island somewhere using sunscreen on my face I would suffer only the slightest of breakouts.

Then just before I left for Egypt I went to stock up on all my lotions and potions and to my shock and horror there was no Intervene on any shelf in any store.  I was heartbroken...this is not the first time these clever beauty houses gets me hooked on a product or colour and then discontinues it. 

So I started collecting samples from different beauty houses to try out.  I was not overly impressed with any of it and don't even get me started on the prices. In the end I wondered back over the to EA counter and a lovely sales assisted introduced me to the new improved Visible Difference range.

I reluctantly bought the combination skin cleanser, moisturizer and night cream. And let me tell you a visible difference is what I have seen in my skin. I am so impressed with this product.

Some of my highlights is the fact that it really is great for my combination skin.  My T zone is oil free while my cheeks are not dry or flaky. I love the fact that I have not had to switch out products to keep my skin healthy in winter.  I have only used ampules once a week since the start of winter and that's the only change I have made to my regime. Then there is the fact that I bought the jars in March and I am still using the moisturizer and only opened a new night cream over the weekend. I have had to replace the cleanser twice in the past 6 months so I would say that a tube lasts about 8 to 10 weeks. Lastly there is the price.  Now, it is by no means cheap but it is not crazy expensive either and since it lasts so long I can look for occasions when it is on special.  

I am really happy with this new line and am enjoying using it. As I am circling 40's block I realise that my skin is changing and that it needs more TLC than when I was younger and I honestly believe that with Elizabeth Arden I can walk in to my naught forties with confidence

Please note this is not a sponsored post but purely me sharing my excitement over a product I really love!! If any Elizabeth Arden reps read this please feel free to send gratitude in the form of samples my way!!

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