Friday, 6 September 2013


I have a sneaky suspicion that I am not thrilled about turning forty next year!!  The idea is starting to consume my thinking and I am becoming just a tad touchy on the subject.

Having said that, it does provide me with opportunities to re-evaluate my life.  More specifically my bucket list.

Travel remains a constant on my bucket list and I don't expect that to change. However, with getting older my thoughts on travel are changing.

In all honesty I don't want to carry a backpack and stay in youth hostels (ok I am to old but you know what I mean).  It does not have to be a 5 star hotel (although that would be nice)but I want indoor pluming and bed with soft linen and cable tv.

I also want to slow down a little.  Yes, I still want to see as much as possible but not at that crazy run, run, run pace.  I want to be able to stop and have a cocktail and enjoy the sun setting instead of breaking the land speed record to make to the next place.

So I had slowly started to adjust my bucket list and make some changes to where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see and how I wanted to experience everything. 

But then, I realised FORTY was making an appearance (it will be brief) and my thinking once again started to change. I lay awake at night and thought about what would stand out for me...sure Venice is a dream destination, as is Paris. But lets face facts...anyone can go to Venice or Paris.  Anyone can go to Tuscany or Rome! I want something different.  

I realised I wanted to do something different.  Yes, I want to chill, drink cocktails, have massages and eat good food but I also want an experience that few people will think about let alone actually do!! I wanted a once in a lifetime experience!!

Now, I am not talking about scaling mountains, kayaking around Iceland or going to look for fossils in Antarctica…..although there is nothing wrong with any of that….it’s just not me or not me at this stage of my life. So I started to think about what it is that I would really like to see, what is the one thing that I have always wanted to do, not just a bucket list item but something exceptional…..
something that sets me apart from other travelers !  

Not the easiest of questions to answer. But I had a few answers to play around with.  This set me on a completely different path than the one I started off with…..

So how do you feel about monkeys??  

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