Thursday, 27 February 2014


Having don’t blogged for so long I kinda feel like I have missed sharing some important moments and that is just not right.

A part of the purpose for wanting to “Simplify” my life is so that I can enjoy more moments…more moments with my family, more moments with friends and other loved ones, more moments with my animals and more moments just being in the....moment.

Since there have been some incredibly happy and sad moments over the last three months I thought I would do a bit of a walk down memory lane…

We celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday with a Mexican theme…..

Then we surprised his wife and my awesome friend with a baby shower…it was the hottest day EVER!!!!

A surprised Sasja!!

Granny, Mom and big brother

Mom and dad share a moment

Yip that would be a blogger top knot you see on my head!!

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