Monday, 26 September 2011


Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a shoe-aholic!!!

I try hard not to be but there is nothing more rewarding than finding a shoe that makes your heart sing.  The thing about shoes is that they always fit! It’s like that scene from In Her shoes where Toni Collette’s character says to Cameron Diaz character…..

“When I feel bad, I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good. Food just makes me fatter. Shoes always fit.”

And as the saying goes “if the shoe fits…..”. I love everything about shoe shopping from the smell of the store to slipping the shoe on over your foot to the thrill (and the agony) of swiping your credit card and seeing the approved sign.

So on Saturday I met a friend for breakfast and of course the topic of weight came up and we both ended up in tears.  This meant that shopping for clothes was out of the question because when you are in a mood NOTHING looks or feels good……..except for shoes.

I ended buying two pairs of summer casual sandals.

I love these from Woolies because although they are flats they have an elegant feel also the plait details gives the shoes a texture and unusual design.  I love the colour which is probably what sold me on them.  With silver and grey being popular colours at the moment they go with both and even white.

These below are from Edgers.  I have battled with the whole gladiator look because the moment the shoes has straps around the ankle I look shorter then I am and my legs become like little tree stumps.  These however go around the foot and not up the leg which works for me.  I also loved the design which just peaks out from under my jeans. The black also make them very versatile and they are very comfy!!! 

Shoes were not my only purchase.  These earrings are just so whimsical and I love the butterfly detail.  They are a very pale pink and white which brings a bit of sweetness and innocence to the wearer. *HA HA*

So after my shoe shopping expedition I have two new favorite things in my cupboard and the earrings bring the count to three.  Now I just need my fabulous walk in cupboard. 

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