Friday, 16 September 2011


I have many happy places, it really depends on my mood.  Sometimes my happy place is in a room full of strangers and sometimes around the dinner table with my family.  Other times cocktails, cupcakes and laughs with friends is my happy place and other times a dark movie theater with a romcom and popcorn. Sometimes it is sitting at the beach with a glass of wine watching the sunset or sitting on a mountain top with hot chocolate (white chocolate of course) and watching the sunrise. My happy place can be found in the smile of an old lady who I've helped carry her groceries or in the laughter of a child. 

Very mood dependent as you can see.  However, today I feel the need for some alone time (very unusual for an extreme extrovert and lover of people like me), some quite time in a quiet place of beauty. No Blackberry, not laptop, no worries………..just a quite place to go and centre myself again.  I feel the need to gather myself to myself……not that that makes any sense.  I have just given so much of myself over the last couple of months and have been through so much that I feel like I am running on empty.

So I am going to go look for my happy place this weekend, preferably here……..

May you spend your weekend in your happy place with those that bring you happiness doing what makes you happy!!!

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