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So here is a little more about my recent trip to Cape Town.  I already shared my friend Lande’s surprise birthday party with you and here is what I got up to the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday I was up early (way too early for a Saturday and way way to early for a holiday Saturday) but I was meeting my cousin Sohett whom I have not seen in 14 years. We went out to Melkbos strand for breakfast and some time on the beach.  I have never been to Melkbos strand so it was such a surprise to find this beautiful little piece of paradise. It was great to reconnect and just have some quality time together.  Sohett is 8 months younger than me and after living overseas (teaching English in both London and China) she has gone back to university.  I take my hat off to her because it really is difficult especially since at 37 the memory is not what it used to be. And on top of that she is studying fine art.  She is very creative and has an amazing talent.  And here I sit………can’t draw a straight line with a ruler!!!!  Since both of us are single and childless we had an opportunity to discuss the big stuff like “where do you go to meet people?” and is there really something wrong with us because we are still single?   It was really nice to discover that our experiences were the same….I admit to breathing a sigh of relief because I was really starting to think there is something ummmmmmmm shall we say not quite right with me!

Sohett and I

Melkbos Strand

Pebbles on the beach!!
Sohett in front of the ice cream store

After ice cream on the beach (Sohett not me……… she has loooooong legs which need filling) I caught the new “My Citi” bus service to the Waterfront.  The bus service is really cool and operates just like the underground in London……’s just a bus and not a train.  The best part is the cost.  I was kinda nervous about this part of my trip because I was about to see my friend Hazels kids.  Now that in itself is not stressful but the fact that I last saw them three years ago at their mother's funeral makes it stressful. Hazel and I had been friends for about 11 years when she passed away on 20 February 2008.  Hazie was a wonderful loving caring friend whom I miss every  day. She was the most amazing mother which is her legacy when you look at the remarkable children she raised. Ryan and Nicole are such incredible people and they truly leave me breathless.

When Nic sent me a BBM to say that they were looking for parking I became so emotional.  I am not sure what my thoughts were because I was trying too hard to suppress them but I know that I felt so completely devastated as if Hazel had just passed. I called my mom and as mothers do she told me to pull up my panties, straighten my clothes, build a bridge and get over it!!!!!  And I did.  When they walked in the first thought that went through my mind was how grown up they are and then how incredibly proud their mom would be of them.  We had a lovely visit and there was a moment when I swear I could hear Hazel’s laughter mingle with ours.  It was a true blessing. I am so grateful for the person God made me to be because it is because of who I am that I was not only friends with their mom but friends with them to.  That because of who I am I have maintained our relationship even after their mom passed.  And as I said good bye to them a line from Hazels favourite book Tuesdays with Morrie came to mind “ Death ends a life but it does not end a relationship”. 

Ryan (20) and Nicole (18) all grown up!

Nicole and I share a moment!!!

And Ry and I have a moment

Then it was time for a mad dash back the guesthouse to get ready for a night on the town with Rod and Lande.  I was taking them to a the very chic Table Bay Hotel’s Atlantic restaurant.  It was very fancy so fancy the menu is on an ipad. It was very funny because I liked the big old fashioned menu’s but it was so cool to see photos of the food on the Ipad. I was feeling very chic myself when, of course Lande cut me down to size by hauling out the loo paper to use for her runny nose!!!  It was a wonderful dinner and I am sure it was a blessing without all the kids and of course the fancy food and stuff.  I loved it and as Lande said we can handle being rich Rod replied and said that he thinks it could get old quickly we replied well we would like give it a go and see if it does get old!!!

The beautiful Table Bay Hotel at the V & A Waterfront Cape Town

Roddy checks out the menu on the IPad

That's why I love you my friend!!!!!!

The bread guy was the best!!!

Roddy's muscle cowder starter

A strawberry sorbet to cleanse the pallet.....told you it was fancy!

Lande and I did not order a starter but received a hot corn soup
starter on the house!

I built my own meal........the mushrooms.

The rack of lamb with a mash and basil pesto.... divine!!!

Rod's sea bass

Lande's stuffed chicken

My rocket salad


I know what to do with a plate of messing around!!

Happy 40th my dear friend in the faith

The hotel did a little something special
 On Sunday I took the entire Cullingworth clan (Rod, Lande, Megan, Ethan, Aidan, Nathan, Dustin and Katelin) out to a local restaurant before I caught my flight. Megan (their oldest who will be 15 in December) and I started planning our trip to Egypt.  Rod and Lande agreed that she could travel with me when she is 15 and like me she has always wanted to go to Egypt.  15 snuck up on us fairly quickly and I am going to try and push to 16.  It is a huge responsibility to take some ones child on a trip like that especially to a country where they don’t speak English and anything can happen.  We are looking forward to seeing all the sights and diving in the red sea…….her more than me as with my asthma it is not recommend.

Rod and Lande at Spur

The boys and Katie...YUMM-O

Katie and I share a snuggle and a cuddle 

Isn't she cute!!!

And so ended my time in Cape Town.  It was a whirlwind trip and jam packed to say the least but what an amazing time spent with those I love sharing wonderful moments and just being open to the awesome blessings God bestows in BIG and small ways!

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