Friday, 28 October 2011


I know, I know two blogs in one day is overkill but I am so excited…..

My good friend Kim from the UK sent me a parcel and inside were stunning memorabilia from Prince William and Catharine’s 29 April 2011 wedding.

Kim knows I am a royal watcher……….hey before you judge please bear in mind that I am of the Princess Diana generation.  In 1981 when Diana married Charles I was 6 years old.  In my world a women who was a nursery school teacher had met a Prince and was now going to become a Princess…..can you say Cinderella!!! Then she went on to have two beautiful baby boys.  By the time there were rumors about unhappiness in the marriage I was of an age where I had had my heartbroken and had realized that love is not easy, when they got divorced I was at a place in my life where I knew that love hurts and people walk away from each other and “happy ever after” is for fairytales. When she started her life again and became this incredible confident elegant charity driven mother and modern women I was entering the workplace and ready to copy her confidence, elegance and style.

Diana was and will always be the people’s princess but to me she is so much more……….she was someone who taught me that an ordinary girl can be a princess and even when her prince is no longer by her side she can stand tall, be herself and get on with life. 

I believe that the world would have just had a little more sparkle with her in it but she left two amazing young men and now one of them has found an ordinary girl and made her a princess.  I pray that their love story will have a happier ending…………….

Just an ordinary girl.....

Became a Princess.....and won the hearts of millions
A loving and genuine mother

Still a Queen of hearts.......confident, elegant.....a lady
Gone to soon.......

Package from Kimmi

She kept the newspaper and special editions for me

Just look at all the goodies

A hardcover book
Tea towels and magnets
A coffee mug
 One thing is for sure..........I am blessed!!!

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