Tuesday, 4 October 2011


There will be days when things go according to plan, when all the pieces fit perfectly into the puzzle and then there are days where NOTHING goes according to plan.

Today is just such a day.  Working in Human Resources takes far more than just a degree.  It is a job that requires the incumbent to consider the human aspect as well as the company aspect.  You have to collate information based on the people you are dealing with but also collate the information based on what is acceptable practice to the company you represent.

Here's the thing.......it is not every day that there is synergy between the two.  There are times when the company will feel that you are way to pro the employee and there are days when the employee will feel you are choosing to side with the company.

I sat in a meeting just now and wondered if the employee being disciplined has any idea of how many chances she was given, if all the one on ones I had with her had any impact at all.  

Today was a difficult day on the job because I know that an employee is going to have to go home and explain to her family why she has lost her job but.........

She will not take ownership, she will not take responsibility for her actions instead she will blame the company, she will blame her manager and ultimately she will blame me!!! 

Here's what I know for sure.......YOU are the writer of YOUR own story, other people just help YOU to open the next page......

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