Wednesday, 5 October 2011


What I will never forget about my Jen-Jen....

The way her face lit up when I walked into the room
How excited she got when I got home… matter how long I had left her on her own
The sound of her paws as she walked/ran/raced down the passage
The sound of her breathing
The sound of her snoring
The sound of her barking
The sound of her playing with her sister Jessie
The sound of her drinking water
The sound of her yawning
The sound of her chewing her “hoof”
The way she sat like a real lady
The way she sat on my bed as I changed having a big conversation
The way she hit my back when I was brushing my hair indicating that she wanted her coat brushed too
The way she hit my legs so that I would move so she could lie under the covers at night
The way she would sit on my arm so that I would move up so that we could “lepel le”
The way she would look at me with her big brown eyes waiting for her snack
The way she freaked out when the door bell rang
The way she freaked out over the sound of an aerosol can
The way she freaked out over the sound of a mosquito
The way she sneaked more and more space on the bed
The way she sneaked the empty toilet roll holders out of the bathroom and chewed them
The way she walked next to me
The way she brought her blankie for a game of tug of war
The way she always had something in her mouth….a hoof, a branch, blankie
The way she would “swarm” around me because she knew I was going to have an asthma attack before I did
The way she nibbled my ear during an asthma attack so I would not pass out
The way she would prowl around the house checking where all her humans were
The way she watched TV…….she especially liked the music to Grey’s Anatomy
The way she hated my laptop because it meant I was going to work and not play (she used to smack the screen down with her paw in objection)
The way she would lie in the sun on a Saturday morning with me
The way she would talk to Chucky and Lulu (our neighbors boxers) through the wall
The way she would walk past me and give my leg or ankle a lick
The way she would lick the skin lotion of me faster than I could apply it
The way she also wanted lip ice on her lips before bed time
The way she would sit at the kitchen door patiently waiting for scraps – she would never come into the kitchen uninvited while we were cooking
The way she looked at me when she wanted a cuddle
The way she would bend her body into play mode and pounce on either Jessie or her humans
The way she insisted on “inspecting” every single bag that came into the house
The way she waited for me on the big rock at the gate
The way she would lie on her back and sleep like a human
The way she would lie on the bathroom tiles in summer to cool down
The way she would lie in front of the bathroom waiting for me to come out
The way she hated a closed door
The way she would “close/trap” herself in a room
The way she licked peanut butter off a spoon
The way her eyes would get all big and shiny when there was frozen yogurt being eaten
Her standing with her front paws on my bed waiting/begging for a scratch
Her big brown eyes
Her soft coat
Her big floppy ears
Her black nose
Her crooked teeth
Her big cuddly body
Her long sensitive tail
Her huge paws
Her donkey strip when she got mad
Her sweet loving nature
Her protective streak
Her weight against me as she lay next to me
The feel of her jumping onto my bed
Her excitement when I picked up her lead because it meant……..ROADTRIP!!!
The smell of her paws

And most of all the way she loved me…………….. because she loved me best!!!

Jen-Jen and her sussie Jessie catching some sun.  Jessie misses her so much!

My precious "Poopie"

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