Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Yesterday I was teasing a friend about her celeb crush.........its mainly funny to me because I went to high school with her crush and now he is a local celeb and the women adore him!!!

My sweet friend stopped my giggle fit by saying "We all have a celeb crush no matter how old we are.....you have Ryk Neethling and your crush has reached stalker status"!!!!  That shut my mouth pretty quickly because I am loath to admit it but I do have a celeb crush or two-ish.

My theory is that I am entitled to one local fantasy man and one or two or maybe three internationals.  The logic being I may actually meet the local guy so we limit it to one (stalker) where the likelihood of me meeting my international crushes well are about - 2 million!!!

So ladies feast your eyes, here are my celeb crushes:

Front and centre we have the one the only proudly South African Olympic gold medalist Ryk Neethling...

Local is LEKKER!!!!!

I love this natural pic of Ryk!
Then coming in a sterling second we have my first international crush, the scariest transporter ever!!!!

Jason Statham


My second international crush is the ultimate bad boy (aren't they just the best????) Johnathan Rhys Meyers

Henry the 8th I am I am......

Those eyes could see right into my soul!
Then saving the best for last is my latest celeb crush.  I have always liked him but since playing "Micheal" in the new TV series Nikita he has ummmmmm shall we say moved up from like to hubba hubba.  

The gorgeous Shane West!!!

Gosh he is cute!
In action on the set of Nikita
So who is your celeb crush?

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