Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I sit here with such a pain in my heart I can barely breath........ 

Today we announced the increases for 2012 and the performance bonuses for 2011. I was very excited to be part of the process because we spent hour and hours ensuring not only that the data was accurate but that the whole process was fair and that those who deserve to be rewarded were and that those who did not weren't. 

I was very happy with the results of over 80 hours of work because I felt that the process had been consistent, transparent and fair.  I felt that the company had been generous and that we were really reaching new heights in terms of performance management.

But alas, it seems that I alone feel this way.  I just don't understand people.  In the economic climate around the world hundreds of companies are closing their doors.  Thousands of people are unemployed and millions are living in poverty.  We are in the fortunate position to not only be giving good increases (above inflation) for 2012 but also to be giving performance bonuses....good performance bonuses!!!

I have had a line outside my office door all day of people moaning about what they have received.  Some resorting to insults, rudeness and meanness.  WHERE is the GRATITUDE!!!   

Have we created a culture of expectation? Does everyone have the "wanties" and expect THEIR expectations to be met.

My mother raised me differently, I value each unexpected blessing and am grateful for everything I receive which I did not have before. I take it very personally that people are so ungrateful.  Maybe it is because I was part of the process or maybe it is because I know the huge volumes of work that went into ensuring that the calculations were fair and that everyone who deserved to be rewarded was.

My heart aches.......

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