Wednesday, 14 December 2011

TOP 10...........

So I’ve decided to write a little bit of a series……nothing major just kinda about the stuff that had an impact on me during the course of 2011. So I’m thinking in the lines of top ten movies, songs, books etc……

I’m going to start with a disclaimer:  Just because the item had an impact on me in 2011 does not mean that it was released or published or whatevered in 2011.  It just means that in 2011 it showed up in my life and left a mark. Unless otherwise stated, the items are  not listed in a particular order ....... merely in the order I thought of them.

So here goes:

Top ten movies for 2011…

Breaking Dawn - Predictable I know, but I do like my vampires……even if they sparkle!!!

Friends with Benefits – I loved this movie (see my little review here)

Freedom writers – I have seen this movie before but when I watched it several weeks ago it had a real impact on me. This is one of my favourite scenes and one I intend using at the next team building.  I highly recommend you get the DVD.

Fast Five – Vin…….enough said

The Adjustment Bureau – this had me thinking a lot about predestination versus free will.  I like the challenge to my thinking and the fact that it made me question my beliefs and do a little bit of soul searching.

Just go with it – Adam Sandler was brilliant in this although I am not a big fan I did find this funny.

Zookeeper – Loved this.  Gave me hope that every “pot” really does have a “lid”. I laughed so much I nearly pee'd my pants!!!

The Help – having grown up in South Africa this movie really “spoke” to me.  It opened my eyes to the fact that many of us (myself included) were raised by black women who left their own kids with others to raise.

Paranormal Activity – I had not seen this movie or heard anything about it until a friend handed me the DVD.  He told me it was real footage and sucker believed him.  It was only because of my curious nature that I found out the truth.  I googled to find out if they had ever found Katie and low and behold there Katie and MICHA were on Jay Leno.  I was very upset because I enjoyed the movie.    

      7  Pounds  - I have not cried so much in forever……………..…..

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