Monday, 23 January 2012


I have a dream………

I would love to design and build and furnish and decorate my own home.  I have a thousand different ideas and I seem to suffer from multiple personality disorder because one day I will want my whole house white and the next decked out in colour, one day minimalism and the next full of STUFF!! 

If I ever am blessed enough to design and build my own home I am going to have to be seriously medicated.

Here is a look at some bathroom looks which have recently caught my eye...

Simple, clean lines with just a hint of colour
I think I would feel very grown up in this bathroom
I have bathroom issues and hate to share my space so I like the idea of a his/hers basin but I want his against the other wall or even his own bathroom!!!
This feels very bold with just a hint of the old fashioned when you look at the feet of the bath
I am crazy about this but then I want the view that goes with it too......
Ultra modern....I like the lighting which brings colour into this space and hey check out
the size of that bath....not forgetting the shower in the background!!!
I just LOVE the simple makes me feel peaceful just looking at it
What is NOT to and bling!!!!! And check out the view!! I just LOVE it even if
it is a little OTT!!!!!
Happy Monday everyone!


Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Wow, that heel bath is insane! And the water coming down from the top is so cool.

I love just about every single one of those bathrooms. The clean lined ones in the first few are my favorites!

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Lisa @ honibun@blogspot said...

Hey Emily.....thanks for the comment. I almost don't want to pray for the blessing of building my own home because I know I going to be an architects and interior designers worst nightmare!!! Way to many choices out there but I must agree that the clean lines seem to suit a bathroom which should be a tranquil and peaceful space.

God bless