Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Do you ever just sit and day dream…I do!!!  

Probably much more than my manager would appreciate and tolerate if he knew (what he does not know can’t hurt me right!!).

I love to just sit and give my imagination free reign.  It’s not like I don’t like my life and it is not that I don’t appreciate how much God blesses me…

BUT (hey, everyone has one…….) it is nice to spend some time (however brief) in a perfect world, a world where there is no crime, no heartache, no stress, no financial burdens, no illness, no war, no famine, no natural disasters……….. just peace perfect peace.

So make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine (depending on your time zone) and join me………

Today my imagination took me here………

It's evening on our little wine farm……the sun has set and darkness has descended. Soon the crickets will start their chirping but for now silence wraps itself around us like a soft comfy blanket.  I bathed the kids early tonight because they were both exhausted after helping me press the grapes in the big wooden barrels.  Oh, how we laughed!!!  What fun it was holding their tiny little hands and stomping on the grapes, feeling them crush beneath our feet and squish between our toes. Their fruity scent filling the air. 

And all the while I could feel his eyes on us.  He had been hard at work this man of mine but time and time again I would look up and catch his gaze on us and there would be a smile tugging at his lips.  His stare was filled with such love, such pride and such gratitude.

The children and I had eventually left him to his work and had come home to bath and make supper.  Tonight there was no arguing over brussel sprouts and no fighting over bath time.  The kids even let me wash behind their ears with no struggle at all. 

I had both of them tucked into bed when he walked into the room.  I could see how much energy the day had drained him of but he was quick to smile and to join us for story time.  The kids so enjoy it when he joins in because he makes all these sound effects and gives each character their own accent.  They giggled and giggled until their tummies hurt. Then the four of us got down on our knees, held hands and said our prayers.  The kids went and brushed their teeth with not so much as a backward glance. And soon I could hear the gentle breathing of sleep……sweet dreams my angels!!

We went downstairs and sat down at the dinner table.  Over roast potatoes and leg of lamb we spoke about our day.  I told him about the kids report cards and he told me about the bottles he had chosen for the wine. We laughed at some silly thing one of the kids had done and spoke about our plans for the future.

Later he went and got cleaned up and I did the dishes. I was just finished when I heard the sultry voice of Nina Simone fill the quite air around me.  The next thing I knew I was in his arms and he had turned me around so that I was facing him. A gentle kiss and then we were dancing slowly across the kitchen floor.

Someday I will know your face……..

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