Monday, 7 May 2012


Well, although this bug has not left my system altogether I am feeling much better and since I have moved out of the bathroom (TMI???) I am feeling more and more myself.

I thought I would share some of the 600 photos I took while in Kenya.  These are from the resort as I want to write a special post about Mombasa itself.  I should mention that I have crammed as many photos as I thought you could stand into this post so perhaps it is wise to go make a cuppa or pour a glass of......and enjoy!!!

So sweet of them to welcome me back.....
My room

View from my balcony

So pretty
My view as I was having breakfast....what a way to start the day

Early one morning

Sun and sea meet and what a sparkling effect it has...
A visor on my balcony - photo by BlackBerry (BB)

A friend.........of sorts

View from the Pool Bistro

Low tide and one can walk out to the sand bank awesome women from South Africa who was in Kenya for business.  We did not spend a lot of time
together because she was working but when we did get together for meals and such it was great fun! I must
say I was kinda sad when she left several days before me but I think we will keep in touch!!
On one of the evenings they carried out all the tables into the boma area and we ate under the stars.  it was hot as you can see from the ummmmm sheen (who am I kidding I was sweating like a pig) 

Dinner under the stars

Some of the desserts on offer...normally there is 8 - 10 different kinds of dessert
On the Thursday I went with Jenny to scout accommodation for her team in Mombasa.  We had planned to have lunch
at one of the resorts close to the ferry but well...lets just say things did not work out so well as the resort has been
closed for 5 years yet you can still book online on trip advisor!!  So we came back to Leopard beach for a prawn and fries lunch.....YUMMY!!!  

Clearly happy!!!

Lets just say there was a below the belt comment as the photo was taken.......
High tide.....

Low tide

MY beach!!!!

The wood work in Kenya is amazing and the people take such pride in their
talent.  Wood carvings can be found just about everywhere!!!
Gates to a private home.....the last one on the Indian Ocean!!!

Main swimming pool....this can get very crowded and loud!!!

All over the resort they have this little reading/relaxing places and they really are an awesome place just to chill and
read after a day on the beach!!

Hydrating in an absolute must with the heat and humidity being so high - photo by BB

The spa pool......I spend a lot of time here because one the Jacuzzi is there and second it is so quite because it is right
next to the spa.  It has a very tranquil atmosphere and there are times when I am the only one there
Just because I like the spa vibe does not mean I need to eat rabbit food....the vanilla
milkshake became a staple  part of my diet for the week

I dubbed this the float boat....the water you can see is full of seaweed because of the storms out at sea

Breakfast view on my last morning - photo by BB

The pancakes and chocolate sauce for breakfast are pretty much what keeps me comeing

My guard at the spa pool

So this is what the resorts rooms look like.  There are seven blocks each floor has five rooms so ten rooms per block.
There are the beautiful cottages and they are building family chalets at the moment

Gingerbeer...I love the stuff!!!

The beach

As I left the resort the monsoon clouds started to roll by BB

So pretty....even if there is a spider...

Paradise - photo by BB


Marshall said...

Wow Lisa i had no idea Kenya looks like that on the coast!! Absolutely amazing. Your photos are gorgeous and you have an incredible eye! Beautiful photos of you too!! Hope you're doing well!

Katie Cook said...

Ahh so lovely Lisa! I agree with Amanda!!! I LOVE Kenya, and i'm so glad you were able to go back:) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos my dear! love Katie