Thursday, 10 May 2012


I can’t begin express how much I love my fur babies……my doggies!!!

They bring me such joy and after losing Jenny last year I was devastated and did not think that I would ever be able to love another dog like that….oh how wrong was I and how happy am I that I was so wrong.  Although to clarify I don’t love Charis more than I loved Jenny I love her differently. 

Charis has a very different personality than what Jenny had which makes it impossible not to find yourself just falling more and more in love with her.  She is getting so big and in a week or so she will be 8 months old.  With her size of course comes lots of food….I feel like every meal for her is upsized!!

Charis is a real cuddle bunny which is such a treat because all my other babies have only enjoyed the occasional cuddle. She loves to snuggle at night while watching tv.  I wish I could explain how she slides her nose up my legs and body half forcing pushing it in under my arm and then slowly lowers her body so that at one point she has her butt and tail in the air and then suddenly plonks that backend down.  It is so funny!!!  Then she wriggles and wiggles until her nose (which since it is autumn is cold) is literally in my armpit and then she sleeps!!!!

She has her own bed because I realised that we kept on waking each other up during the night resulting in me being exhausted.  But without fail at 04:23 every morning she smacks me with her paw and gives a bark indicating she wants to “uppie” onto the bed.  She likes to spoon then but shoooooo she is like a little oven at that time of the morning!!

Charis is also very vocal.  She makes the cutest sounds especially when she is sleeping.  I love falling asleep listening to her.  She”ll give a bark when she wants to get your attention and when playing she does this combination between a growl and a yelp!!

Charis and her big (little) sister Jessie get on very well and they play up a storm.  They love playing tug o war but Charis most definitely has the weight advantage. They don’t like sleeping in the same space though so it is always special to see them sharing Charis’ bed.

Bathing them is interesting.  Charis now just sits and lets me pour the water over her, then she enjoys the shampoo scrub but the rinsing is not her favourite part so she first takes a walk around the courtyard and then comes to sit down again for the rinse.  Jessie loves being bathed and her favourite part is her blowwave…..she actually rolls around so you can use the hairdryer all over!!

I don’t know how people live without the unconditional love of fur babies.  I know that they make me a better person and when I get home I feel like a queen with all the love and attention they pour out.

I took these pictures over the weekend…..enjoy!!

Notice how she is lying......
I love those BIG paws...
I am so cute.....

The ropes....the ropes are all mine!!!!!!!
I am ready for my close up!!!

We have lots of toys!!!!
Blow wave please!!!

Now this side.....

I debated sharing this photo cause firstly I look terrible (and I am wet) and secondly I look terrible but this is reality at its best.....Charis giving me kisses while I am trying to bath her!!!!!

Chewing keeps her busy for hours!!!

A little tired now!!

I am gorgeous!!!!!!!

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