Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Last night I attended a fundraiser for this guy….

Gidion (which means fighter/mighty warrior of God) was born at 34 weeks and his early arrival was the start of an amazing journey fraught with health issues but covered by grace and love. The first step in the journey began when  Gidion was diagnosed at birth with a Tracheal Oesophageal Fistule (TOF) with Oesophageal Atresia (OA) which basically means that his food pipe ended blindly and did not make it all the way into his stomach. You can read more about his story HERE!

Gidion was eventual diagnosed with FANCONI ANEMIA (FA).  FA is a very rare disorder that affects the bone marrow in children, which necessitates that they receive a bone marrow transplant once their bone marrow fails.  FA children are also very susceptible to cancer, especially leukaemia.  After sharing the diagnoses with Gidion’s parents the paediatrician went on to say that the doctors were very concerned about Gidion and did not think that he would live through the night but Gidion our little warrior not only made it through the night but has made it to this point….

Gidion is a very happy little boy and is so sweet.  When he turns those big green eyes onto you, you feel like the only person in the world.  When he smiles, his smile lights up the world! Make no mistake he is pure little boy…..he loves playing with cars and loves animals. He is pizza mad and has been known to wake up at 3 am and ask for doughnuts!! He has boundless energy and gets up to mischief in the blink of an eye. I have been spending quite a lot of time with this little guy and he has touched a place deep within my heart.  He has a quiet and gentle spirit (when he is not jumping up and down on the sofa) and has an incredible capacity to love.  He has been through so much in his short life but he has fought bravely and through the grace of God and an incredible amount of prayer and love has come through each challenge triumphantly. 

In April 2012 Tuschka and her husband’s divorce was finalised leaving Tuschka responsible for Gidion’s medical costs. The medical aid has assisted where possible with Gidion’s medical expenses but cannot cover all the costs involved with the healthcare of a child with FA.  So his very brave mommy (and my awesome friend) Tuschka arranged a fundraising event to raise funds to assist with all the medical costs.

The event was held at the BARNYARD THEATER in Menlyn.  How it works is that they sell the tickets for fundraising events  at a reduced cost and the organisers can then sell the tickets for whatever price they deem fair to the public.  The difference then results in the money raised.  The Banyard’s show was called 7 Wonders and was a tribute to Elvis, Bryan Adams, Chris de Burgh, Santanna, Bob Marley,  Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera.  The music was amazing and the crowd loved every minute of it.  Gidion enjoyed himself so much the boy-o ended up dancing on the table and caught the eye of the performers. He particularly enjoyed singing Hound Dog and No Women No Cry!!!

The sweetest moment was when Tuschka and Gidion thanked everyone for coming and Gidion’s “Love you” was just the finishing touch on an amazing evening. I have never been in a room filled with people where I felt that I could reach out and physically touch the love. 

Tuschka, my friend you can be very proud of yourself.  Last night was a resounding success.  A testimony to your love for Gidion, a testimony of 200 peoples love for the both of you and above all a testimony to God’s love and unwavering grace.  The journey has been difficult and the road ahead is still long but you and Gidion are never alone. I love you!!!

If you would like to make a contribution to  Gidion’s medical expenses please see the banking details HERE.

With my mom!

With Rieka

With friends...

Surrounded by love

With one of  his doctors...


Tuschka said...

My dearest, dearest friend...
You know you have me bawling my eyes out. Everyone took out the tissues when they read the story - you are blessed by having the ability to make photo's and stories "real" to everyone.
Gidion loves you SO much, and me too. With Gidion's whole life story I have truly seen miracles... how the Lord heals, how much people actually care, and how friends like you carry me through the times that I sink to my knees and simply cannot put one foot in front of the other.
Love you to the moon and back
Tuschka xx

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Hey, good job on these Lisa!! :)