Monday, 18 June 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend....

Here are some snippets from mine:

On Friday night I spent some time with these two special people.  We had pizza and instead of watching the DVD's
we chatted and chatted and chatted.  One moment it was 21:32 and the next 00:12!!  I loved it and always
have a good time with Tuschka and Gidion.  On Wednesday I will be doing a post on Gidion as we are
having a fundraiser for his medical expenses tomorrow night!!

On Saturday I got a mani and a pedi.  The pedi is a little bit of a waste in winter as
all my shoes are closed but there is nothing like a good pamper session!!

The results of the mani!

On Saturday evening Lydia and I went and saw the movie "What to expect, when you are
Expecting".  It was good and I laughed and after that it was time for  
Granadilla margaritas !!

We seldom do dessert but the crème brûlée  was just to die for!!!!

On Sunday dad was not feeling up to celebrating Father's Day so we pretty much just
hung around the house.  It was probably a good thing as the weather turned really cold and was a good opportunity to get through the second 50 Shades book and start on
the third!!

I know the photo is blurred but Jessie is so cute when she begs to get onto the bed!!!

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