Monday, 2 July 2012


It's July and I guess the countdown to the end of the year can start!! Actually, I am just wanting winter over because I seem to be constantly sick and I am officially sick of being sick!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend. 

Here is a glimpse at what I got up to....

PS:  Be prepared for a photo overload!!

On Saturday I surprised Tuschka with a mini vaycay.  She has been going through a rough time and since the
little man was with his dad the weekend I thought we could both use a treat.  so I booked us in at Zau Spa
for a half day Sophia Loren (excuse me please) package. Tuschka knew nothing of what the weekend would
hold but I had sent her clues everyday for a week.  She was shocked when I told her to pack a bathing suit..,,
it is winter after all.....

At the Roman bath which is not in use in winter but has an amazing view of the dam

Waiting to register

The package includes lunch and was it divine...chicken pie, avo salad and homemade farm bread and real farm butter! 
Champagne to kick start the pampering...

Before lunch they washed our feet and slipped on some super soft and comfy slippers

Arm and hand massage with lavender oil...

My leg and foot massage

Tuschka's leg and foot massage

Getting ready to lie down for the full body hot stone was heavenly I actually fell asleep...

Having a break between treatments and enjoying the awesome weather (can't complain about winter...although I still
do) and a drink before our orange blossom facials.

After your treatments Zau treats you to a dessert....this chocolate cake was so yummy!!

One of the clues I sent Tuschka was that we were staying "grand" ....knowing I had booked the Grent room at the
guesthouse.  "Grent" is the way many Afrikaans speaking people pronounce "Grand"

Our beautiful eclectic room...I will blog about the spa and guest house in detail on Wednesday
All pampered and covered in lavender oil but the bed looked so comfy!!

The bathroom

Little touches.....the candle light bath was so relaxing

The basin....warning not very short people friendly....

Some sherry....we drank some when we got back from dinner while lying in bed
reading....bliss I tell you bliss!!!
As has become tradition when visiting the spa we had dinner at "As Greek as it gets" it is the most amazing little
Greek restaurant.........Stavros the owner is a force to be reckoned with and adds his own special  flavor to your
dinning experience.

Simple centerpiece 

I don't often eat snails because if it is not made correctly it is really awful but the waitress said she would comp our
entire meal if we did not enjoy the snails....her money was so safe.  It was absolutely divine....the secret is the
three cheeses and just a hint of garlic.

Chicken fillets filled with feta cheese with potatoes wedges.


On Saturday we took a couple of photos at the spa and the guesthouse for a little bit of  fun...

Oy cant take me anywhere

We headed into Cullian for breakfast.  Cullian is a little mining town about 30km from Pretoria.  It has become
a town with a lot of artists and it has that arty eclectic feel to it

Sitting in the garden at the Whispering Oak restaurant 

The roses are beautiful which makes sitting in the garden a fragrant affair

I know it is not good for my heart but man I love me some bacon and eggs....

One of the shops had this unique Chandelier is made from metal coffee mugs which used to be used by the

True that!!!

This is where all the stuff we through out comes to find a second life...

Those are metal coffee pots in a bath turned into a fountain...

I love I ended up spending a fortune in this little shop called...wait for it....Love is.....

Sweet little strawberry patch bike with flowers

Getting ready to sad but the weekend was a resounding success with both of us resting and relaxing
I really am blessed to have been able to surprise my friend but also to enjoy the surprise with her!!


Katie Cook said...

looks like So much fun:) I LOVE this place...very eclectic and fun, just like you said! And I LOVE that painting, I've always wanted a fire place...hoping some day i'll have a real one:) have a great day girl, love Katie

Emily grapes said...

That looks sooooo relaxing! How awesome they wash your feet and slip you into comfy slippers! My kind of place!

The mugs fountain in the bath thing...I've never seen that! Crazy and cool all at the same time. And the food...YUM!!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Ariel Tyler said...

Wow! Looks like a fantastic and super relaxing weekend! Glad you enjoyed it!