Monday, 23 July 2012


This past weekend was one of the most frustrating I have EVER experienced.  

The only highlight was the fact that dad came out of hospital on Saturday afternoon but with the good news came the news that he still needed a lot of care which meant that I was pretty much stuck at home the whole weekend.  I spent a lot of time reading and will tell you more about what I am reading on Wednesday and I spent a lot of time catching up on TV shows I had missed and DVD's which I had not yet watched.

So here a glimpse at what I got up to....

A Gifted Man:  I was so not sure about whether I was going to enjoy this show but recorded the first three episodes because the show is sponsored by one of my companies clients.  At first the ghost ex wife kinda put me off but once I started to see her as the fabulous neuro surgeon's conscience it worked for me.  The story centers on an ultra-competitive surgeon whose life is changed forever when his ex-wife dies and begins teaching him what life is all about from the here-after. The cute doctor is played by Patrick Wilson.  I watched all three episodes and must say that I enjoyed it so much that I am looking forward to episode 4 tonight.

Strike Back: The series follows the actions of Section 20, a secret branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), particularly two of its officers, Michael Stonebridge and former American Delta Force operative Damian Scott. Section 20 leads a worldwide manhunt to find and capture Pakistani terrorist Latif, who is plotting an operation of his known as "Project Dawn". What I like about this show is that it is a little edgy and raw. Several episodes of the second season (we never saw the first but it is no biggy) were filmed in South Africa and that my friends is kinda cool....

Morning Glory: Is about n upstart television producer who gets laid off.  After looking for a job she accepts the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co-hosts. It stars Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. It was a sweet movie and a little predictable.  I did enjoy watching Harrison Ford who I don't think cracks a smile throughout the movie.

How do you know: Is probably the worst movie I have seen in a long time.  Story was weak and it felt like the actors were ill at ease the whole time they were in a scene.  I love Reese Witherspoon so I was very disappointed.  Even Jack Nicholson could not save this disaster.  It also stars Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd.  Watch at your own risk.

Beastly:  I guess you could say that this is kind of a modern day Beauty and the Beast story. There was a sweetness to the story which touched me. The film's central character is Kyle Kingsbury (Alex Pettyfer), a wealthy and arrogant high school student. During an environmental event, Kyle is disrespectful to a classmate, who is secretly a witch in disguise. The witch then casts a spell on Kyle, which disfigures his body and face, and gives him an ultimatum; before one year passes he must find true love or he will be left with his monstrous appearance forever. Though he believes that this task is impossible, Kyle finds himself drawn towards a quiet classmate, Lindy Taylor (Vanessa Hudgens), and eventually falls in love with her.  Kyle's blind tutor is played by Neil Patrick Harris and he had me in stitches several times with his one liners. Maybe a little predictable but sweet none the less.  And for those of you who are interested I believe that Alex Pettyfer is on the list of candidates to play Christian Grey in the 50 Shades Movie.  I don't see it at all but others might!!!

Blitz:  I only watched this because it stars my Celeb crush Jason Stratham but I ended up enjoying it. The basic plot is a mad man killing police officers.  Jason's hard ass butt kicking character has to catch the killer.  

In addition to watching all these I also spent hours listening to two new CD's.

Rock of Ages:  I LOVED the movie and the soundtrack is just as good. It is a little odd to hear Tom Cruise singing but then so does Alec Baldwin.  I cant wait for the DVD to come out because I really enjoy the music and the acting is not to shabby either.

Birdy:  This women has a killer voice and I can listen to her music over and over.

So there you have it.  I really hope your weekend was more exciting than mine!!!

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