Friday, 3 August 2012


I am throwing a little pity party at the moment!!  Mainly due to a lack of sleep.  Dad picked up some tummy bug and has been passing in on to the rest of the family including my puppy Charis.  I have managed to escape the bug that it is purely because my body knows there is no time to be sick now.!!!

So just to remind myself that I am blessed and there are things to be thankful for I looked at some photos from my trip to Ireland.  Today exactly two years ago I was in Tralee saying at the awesome Ballyseede Castle.  I have never quite understood the hype around being a princess but let me tell you that after staying in a castle I SOOOOOOO get it now!!

Here are a few photos take from my time at Ballyseede:

The name of our room!!!

Einstein is really cute!  He brings you little stones in his mouth and lays them at your feet.  You are then
expected to throw them for him to chase...

Stick a crown on my head....I am ready to rule

Arthur and I.  Arthur is an Irish Wolfhound and I loved playing with him especially as at this stage of the trip I was missing my puppy dogs!

Yip apparently I am so desperate I will kiss anything!!!

The room next to ours

Kim and I at dinner.  I treated us to what is probably the most expensive meal I have ever had in my
life but seriously you can't put a price on a special memory!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend all......

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. you'll kiss anyone ... :)

on another note ... Charis is sick?! nooo. that kind of ruins my friday. not even kidding. please give him my love.