Tuesday, 7 August 2012


August has arrived and with the first few days being warm as in almost hot I was getting ready for summer.  I even went as far as to wear short sleeves over the weekend and a three quarter sleeve yesterday.

Then last night they said that the temperatures were going to plummet and they were expecting snow even in Gauteng. Now Pretoria is on average between 2 and 3 degrees warmer than Johannesburg and we don't even get the sleet that the Jo'burg people sometimes get during winter. So for that reason I never thought about snow falling here.

This morning as the reports were coming in about snow falling in the outlining areas I was telling my team about my 25th birthday. I was desperate to see snow.  I was travelling in the States and every time I left a place it would start to snow but not while I was there. Philadelphia saw snow as my bus pulled out of the station, DC had snow arrive the day after I left and in New York the snow was slush when I arrived.  I spent my birthday with special friends in Memphis and the Sunday afternoon of my birthday we all took a nap.  I remember my friend Lande waking me up with the words "Lis, its snowing....happy birthday".  I jumped up and raced for the door.  I had no shoes on, no warm jacket.....just a t shirt and jeans and the happiest heart ever!!!!  

I danced in the snow, made snow angels and tried to build a snowman!!!  It was the first time in years it had snowed in Memphis in March.  God gave me the best birthday gift ever. 

As I shared my snow story I got all heart sore and I am not ashamed to say a tear or two made its way down my face. I guess I needed to be reminded about how blessed I am, how much God loves me because lately I have been so miserable.  Between waking up between 10 and 500 times a night for my dad, working 10 to 12 hour days, meeting deadlines and helping out at home I have been running on empty and yes feeling very sorry for myself.  From Friday it escalated and I was in the throws of a very good pity party but then..........

I looked outside my window and saw a flurry fall to the ground.  I stood up and saw more......

It all started with a flurry

Busi and I trying to catch a little of the action

Ilandia and I.....and baby Kayla too!!!

Ok this was the game changer.....first time Ilandia and Busi have seen snow!!!

In fact the first time many of my colleagues have seen snow


Joesph on his way home in the second round of snow we had falling....

It fell much harder and stuck longer the second time around

It last snowed in Pretoria in 1981......I was living near Johannesburg at the time and I remember the pure joy of being a child and playing with my brother and parents in the snow.  I am going to look for those photos because......

I just realised that that is what snow represents to me......joy, happiness, laughter and life!!!

Some days I think that our Heavenly Father just wants to send us a reminder that we are blessed and that miracles do happen.....when we believe!!!

I CHOOSE to believe that the snow falling is a reminder that God is in control and that He knows the plans He has for my life...plans for me to succeed!!!

I CHOOSE (in my arrogance) to believe that the falling snow was a message from God that the pity party is over and it is being replaced by joy, happiness, laughter and life!!!

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