Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I love to travel and one of the many reasons is for the memories you make when you do.

This past Monday was the second anniversary of a special day I spent with my very special friend Aletheia in London.  

Lei (Lei is from Zimbabwe) and I met while studying at bible collage.   We spent a lot of time together during those two years and have forged a friendship that blesses me every day.Sometime being on separate continents sucks but the reunions are always filled with love and excitement.

Here are some photos from the last time we were together.....

Yip that is Boy George

He was doing some sort of  television interview....drew quite a crowd!!
Lei being the sweetheart she is, planned a special day for us.  We started by visiting Portobello Road and more specifically the sites where the movie Notthing Hill was filmed.  Isn't she just the best!!!

Since it was a week day the market was not very busy or very big!!!

This is where Hugh Grant's character bumps into Julia Roberts character spilling the orange juice!!

The shop they used as the travel book shop is actually a shoe shop.....

That's me and yes it is an umbrella in my hand cause....well it is London!!!

The really travel bookshop

We then went to the Saatchi Art gallery...

To end this memorable day Lei arranged for us to go for high tea (yip ya'all a real English High Tea in London) at the The Botanist on Sloan Square.  It was so special and beautiful......

The above 3 photos are taken from their website........was not a blogger at the time so
photos were not really a priority!! 

Lei with our eats

Precious friendship

Gosh the photo quality is so bad but you get the idea....
Lei, two years ago we walked in the rain, ate French bread and giggled at Boy George. Two years ago we chatted face to face, we listened to each tales from each others lives and shared a special high tea.  Two years ago we made lifelong memories and shared special moments.  I miss you so much but each day I am reminded of your special friendship and how blessed I am to have you in my life.  

Thank you.

I love you!!!

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Emily grapes said...

aawwww, what a great trip this was!! So glad you're able to look back and have such great memories with your friend.

Hopefully you guys can get another chance to visit each other again!

I thought that movie was so cute!!