Monday, 17 September 2012


The weekend just flew past and I must admit I was kinda sad to see it go because I was having a really good time!!

Here is a glimpse at what I got up to...

On Friday we had our team building cooking lesson and let me tell you it was a whole lot of fun.  I am going to share the experience with you as soon as I have sorted through all the photos.  Here is just a sneak peak...

Some of the veg we were allowed to use to add to our mystery box!!

We learnt how to make pasta from scratch and then we each had to make a pasta
dish!!  Once the judging was over we all sat down to sample each others

 I was meant to go see a movie on Friday night but lets just say that when cooking and someone else is pouring the wine, it becomes difficult to keep track of just how many glasses you have needles to say I did not make the movies!!!

Saturday Tuschka and I were going to take Gidion to a local play area which has a petting zoo but unfortunately over night the clouds had rolled in and Saturday morning was overcast and drizzly.  We decided instead to go to a local restaurant chain which has an indoor play area.

Its a well known fact that I can eat breakfast anytime of the day and of ten enjoy "breakfast" for supper.

Since the rain had really started to come down after we finished breakfast, I did a quick run through the shops and then went home and crawled up in bed with my book and my puppy. 

Oh and then I took a bit of a nap..

On Saturday evening a major storm hit and it was so wonderful to fall asleep with the thunder and lightning and rain raging outside.

Sunday was meant to be a better day and the weather did end up clearing up my mood however took a bit of a nose dive.  I am not sure what upset me to be honest but I do know that everything turned into a crisis and that instead of going to church I landed up on my bed crying my eyes out because I could not find the top I wanted to wear.  And yes, it was a completely rational reaction to not finding what I needed!!!!

After drying off my tears and pulling on my big girl panties I met Lydia for lunch and some shopping.

I am craving red meat at the moment for no reason I can understand because it is not something I have ever eaten a lot of!!  So in order to tame the craving I had steak, egg and chips for lunch.  It was so good!!!

It has been awhile since I have done any crazy shoe shopping but Sunday I went a little overboard...

I loved these black and pewter flats so they went home with me

Oh you could resist these gorgous babies!!!

I have been looking for a white pair for ages....finally found them!!!

This new Maybelline mascara promised four times extra a's so easy to apply and doesn't clump, at least not for me. I have long eyelashes already so I just apply one coat to add a bit of length and volume, before doubling up with clear mascara.

I have seen a lot about "surf spray" on the blogs I read over the American and European summer months but have
never seen it here.  Then on Sunday I found Lee Stafford's Sea Salt Spray.  I have tried it out today and I LOVE IT! Not only does it do what is stays on the tin (well... bottle), it smells incredible. I get easily frustrated with my hair because it is quite thick but no matter how many layers that I get cut into my hair it still looks flat. I like having messy looking hair, on occasion. The bottle suggests to "simply spray approximately 10 times (adjust to suit)", I do find that I need more than 10 sprays for my hair, I think that has more to do with the thickness of my hair than anything. 
Last night I ended up watching Real Steel which was such an awesome movie and I loved the dance sequence. Plus Hugh Jackman..hubba hubba!!!

And that was my weekend...

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Emily grapes said...

How fun to have a cooking lesson! All those ingredients look yummy and you look so cute! Love the necklace!! :)

What a bummer your Sunday started off bad. That's the worst when one thing like the top sets you off. But yay for all the purchases!! Love the shoes!!