Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Yes, I do know its not Monday but technically since yesterday was a holiday, today feels like a Monday....a Monday on steroids!!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend. Here is a glimpse at mine...

This weekend was mainly all about babies! Two of my friends gave birth this past week.  Firstly there was Helga who at 34 weeks gave birth to a bouncing baby boy name Caleb who weighed in at 1.7kg and a stunning baby girl named Qara who weighed in at 2.3

This is like as in just born...Caleb is in the back and Qara (pronounced Kara) in front....they were in an incubator
until they gained some weight.  Qara being a typical girl gain weight first and left the incubator after just 3 days
Caleb on the other hand was there till Friday.

Aren't they precious...

Older brother Alexander gets to love on his new sister...

Hey I am not so sure they are impressed with this world.

Then on Sunday my friend Lande gave birth to her 8th bundle of joy.

My precious friend Lande and her new daughter...

Meet Miss Regan Sarah Cullingworth

Living up to the meaning of her names "Royal Princess"

The competition to hold Regan is fierce.  Here Dustin (the youngest of the boys) hold her while Katelyn Rose
 moves in 

Finally it is the turn of  Katie...she is no longer the baby of the family...I will share a little bit more about Lande
and her family sometime because they are so very precious to me

My darlings before Miss Regan made her appearance. From L to R Dustin, Aidan, Ethan, Nathan, Megan and Miss
On Saturday I went to the Airforce Air show and afterwards it was time for some...
Ok so this is a screaming orgasm.....think what you may!!!

I am still on my red meat kick...


More airplanes....these are the silver falcons

Seriously.....In SEPTEMBER!! 

On Monday the girls and I had a bit of a lie in.  I probably should have bathed
them but no it was much nicer to lie and read while they dozed.
Up close and personal

Just chilling

Celebrating National braai day...

No braai is complete without corn on the cob. I normally prefer the normal size corn but dad is
battling to bite into things so in order to avoid emergency dental work I choose these which
have been cut into pieces.

I love my big Bertha wine glass....

I know it looks like a chunk of meat and well it was but there was some corn on the cob, pasta salad
and a ham and cheese loaf too...

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