Wednesday, 26 September 2012


After posting a photo of these babies on FB and Twitter I received a lot of requests on how to make them.

I feel kinda silly doing a tutorial as it really is ridiculously easy but
here goes...
You need strawberries, , a milk chocolate, white chocolate and a dark chocolate.  I dislike the taste of  cooking chocolate so I use the real thing!! 

 The bigger the better if you are planning on triple dipping


I melt the milk chocolate first but the order does not matter and is up to personal taste. I use the microwave to
melt the chocolate but if have a double boiler that is probably the better way of going.

As soon as all the chocolate is melted dip the strawberry in making sure it covers the bulk of the base of the

Place them on a wax paper in an baking sheet or whatever else will fit into your refrigerator.  The
chocolate may pool a little at the base of the strawberry
but don't worry that's the extra yummy part!!

After about an hour in the fridge you can prepare the milk chocolate

Follow the same procedure as with the white chocolate covering sort of half way up the base of the strawberry.
After another hour or so in the fridge you can dip the ends in the dark chocolate

See easy peasy!! The degree of difficulty really comes in with the melting of the chocolate because as I found out the first time I melted chocolate it does burn!!! You may want to purchase extra chocolate just in case and besides chocolate never goes to waste.

If I have left them to harden overnight they have not melted while walking around the zoo or playing games before a picnic.  Obviously it would depend on the chocolate you use and how hot it is but these babies have never let me down.

Of course they are perfect for romantic evenings at home with champagne and ummmm whatever else you can come up with...

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