Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Yesterday it was my friend Angelo’s birthday and I CHOOSE to use this platform to write him an open letter…

Yeah...he is kind of  a hottie...

Dearest Angelo,

It is odd as I sit here trying to write this letter to you that I find myself without words….we know that seldom happens.  But as I think about what it is that I want to tell you I feel a little overwhelmed….we know that often happens!!!

Some people step into your life and leave an imprint on your heart, one that never goes away and you are one of those……a heartprint!! You and your friendship are very precious to me.  It has often been said that men and women cannot be platonic friends in fact there was even a movie made on this premise however, Harry and Sally did not know us.  Over the last couple of years you have endeared yourself to me and by doing so become an important part of my life.

You never fail to be honest with me…sometimes brutally so.  You are always willing to listen although I know you don’t always HEAR me. You take my drama in your stride and are always there to allow me dump all of my “stuff” which often I know seems to be in a never ending supply. Your friendship has become a safe place where I can truly be who I am, a safe place for me to share my innermost thoughts and where I can declare the desires of my heart without fear of judgement.  And that, my dear friend is priceless.

However, there is more…..I know hard to imagine but your ego can most definitely handle it!!! We have spoken a lot about trust the last while…trust being an important element in any relationship if not the most important element. The trust within family units, trust between a parent and child, trust between partners and trust between friends.  I know that your opening up and allowing me to take up space in your life was not easy and on occasion I still have to work for it but it is like a pearl of great price... worth it! I know that the things I share with you stay with you…and not in the nightmare kinda way although there has probably been a moment or two which could be classified as “Horror”! There have been times when I have walked away from a conversation with you and thought “damn you should not have said that” but you have proven that my words, thoughts and feelings are always safe with you.  

For that I am eternally gratefully. So here it is, “Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide”  I trust you…I trust you with my thoughts, though they are sometimes completely random, I trust you with my inner most longings and desires because I know you will protect them and I trust you with my feelings because I know you will respect them.

I love that you make me laugh, that you take the time to kick my “butt” when I need it (yeah, I am drinking my water!!!), that you are honest in all your dealings with me, that you speak “Lisa-ish” and I love that there are still moments when I catch you off guard and can make you blush and giggle……yes giggle!!! I love that we can talk for hours about serious matters such as the “box” or about ordinary things like movies and books.  I am grateful that you share your writing with me and can be honest enough to tell me when you just want me to read it or when you want me to critique it. Your photos are just amazing and each time I raise my camera to my eye I try to remember all you have tried to teach me about photography.

You are a special guy blessed with many talents and a huge amount of potential.  You will make all your dreams come true and you will leave the world a better place.  Your belief in yourself and your confidence in your abilities are inspiring and your motivation to achieve the goals you set for yourself move others to do the same.

I am grateful to have you in my life and blessed to call you friend...

I miss these days...
Our first photo together in 2008



PS: we really need to take some proper photos....preferably not ones at a PMSA party!!!

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