Monday, 22 October 2012


As most of you are aware I was away for a few days last week attending our Group H R strat session.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by like minded people who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to doing it well.

We held the strat session at a wonderful place called Heia Safari Ranch.  It is about 40 minutes door to door from my home which was wonderful.  The atmosphere and stunning scenery just lends itself to being creative and productive....which we were.

So, here is a photo overload....

The zebra's are having a peek at whether we are working or not..

The zebra's treat the pool as their own personal watering hole..

Having lunch...the food was divine!!!!

Getting ready for my presentation..

The training Manager and his sidekick

Home sweet home

The stunning balcony

The main bedroom

Look out,,,,what is that coming along the path..

Isn't it just beautiful..

So peaceful...

They heard something and all of a sudden the giraffes and the buck and the zebra all started coming towards us..
do you run do you stand still....if you are me you just keep on taking photos...

That's pretty close people..

Their food had arrived...hence the mad dash past us

Look ma...

Ricardo and Ashwyn

I clearly had a lot to tell Rama our H R Director!!!

Drinks down by the river as the sun was setting...stay tuned for those photos

Cheers mamma V..

Clearly I was enjoying talking to Smiriti...

Sitting around the fire pit

Back to work after a yummy breakfast

The two H R managers..

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